5 Must Dos to Keep your Heart Healthy

5 Must Dos to Keep your Heart Healthy

This month is heart health month for the best reasons. Heart disease is Canada’s number one cause of death. We’re reminded of the preciousness of those that we love and their hearts every Valentine’s day. Take very good care of your heart so that your sweetheart will enjoy your company for a lifetime.

1. Don’t fear your cholesterol but be cautious with sugar

Fats and cholesterol have been demonised for the last 60 years because we relied on some old and shaky science. Now we know that our dietary fats don’t cause disease but the overuse of sugar definitely does. Make sugar a very small part of your healthy diet and treat treats as treats. Skip the chocolates this year and smother your lover with kisses.

2. Work that pumping muscle

The best bang for your health buck will always be movement and exercise. Doubly so for your heart muscle. Keep that muscle in tip top shape by regularly doing cardiovascular exercise. This Valentine’s get your lover’s heart rate up to protect their heart health too ;)

3. Eat the colors of the rainbow

Richly colorful whole foods are the best way to have a nutrient dense healthy diet – day in and day out. Eat all the colors of the rainbow: the yellow, orange, red, blue, purple and tan. Try to have 2 servings of each plant color every day to really maximise your heart health. Imagine the beautiful plate that you could serve your sweetie on V-day with a rainbow of colors.

4. Feed your cells

Your heart cells need to be able to create a lot of powerful energy in their mitochondria (little engines in each of your cells). These mitochondria might not sound romantic but you’ll make your lover swoon if you spoil them with heart healthy nutrients like magnesium and carnitine and vitamin C – all of which you can treat your honey to here at The IV on Valentine’s Day Weekend.

5. Love and live fully

Don’t forget that you only live once. Even if only for a few minutes this week – let your stressors go, get outside and look at what a beautiful world this is. Love yourself first and your lover with every once that you have left.

Live, Love, Laugh,
Dr. Erika Kubanek ND