Antioxidants: The Real Superheroes!

Antioxidants: The Real Superheroes!

What is an antioxidant and why is it important?

We’ve all heard about antioxidants; but what are they and why are they important? First it is important to know a little bit about how our bodies work.

Inside our cells we have engines that create energy called mitochondria.

The energy they create is like that from a car engine. The engine creates energy that can move a car forward and take us to work. Just like our mitochondria can create energy that gets used for things like muscle contraction in our legs so that they can… take us to work.

Now think about the exhaust that the car engine makes. This exhaust is harmful to the environment and if left unchecked can lead to global warming and an eventual collapse of ecosystems. The same sort of thing happens with the mitochondria in our body. They create oxidation as their form of exhaust. If the oxidation (exhaust) is left unchecked then our cells get damaged and we can eventually develop chronic disease (like heart disease, diabetes, obesity) or experience early aging of our skin and bodies (gasp!). So antioxidants are the antidote to oxidation in our bodies.

Oxidant and antioxidant balance is important for health. Especially when there is extra stress on our bodies. Things like physical training, emotional stress, trauma, injuries, poor food choices, alcohol, medications, drugs, lack of sleep, all increase the oxidation in our bodies so we need more antioxidants to create balance.

Where can you get anti-oxidants

If you eat whole foods, especially a large variety of richly colored plants, then you are on the way to getting a good, healthy dose of anti-oxidants. But most of us need more extra support!

The best way to get exceptional antioxidant support is through IV therapy. By giving you high doses of vitamins, minerals and (drum roll please….) antioxidants here at the IV we can support your healthy body and help prevent and even reverse the effects of oxidation.