Your Bucket Full of Allergies

Your Bucket Full of Allergies
Imagine you are a bucket…. This is the beginning of the conversation I have with all of my patients suffering from allergies.
Into the bucket goes all the things in your life. The food you eat, the air you breathe, your nutrient deficiencies, your genetics predispositions, the stressors you carry, the environmental toxins and allergens to which are you are exposed.
Over time, as you can imagine, your bucket fills up. Thankfully you have some drainage holes, these two holes are like your kidneys and your liver. These organs help decrease the burden of the contents of your body’s bucket. However, if these organs are not working optimally and if your body’s burden is just too much then the overflow at the top of the bucket will be the onset of your allergy symptoms. Your body can not longer tolerate the burden of the contents of your bucket and you develop itchy eyes, watery nose, get sneezy and feel exhausted.
Now, of course, this is an oversimplified analogy. However, understanding this idea can help you DECREASE your body’s burden and DECREASE your allergy symptoms almost immediately.
The bucket analogy teaches us to:
  • Remove food sensitivities
  • Address your genetics and nutrient deficiencies
  • Optimise your liver and kidney function
  • Reduce the allergens and toxins in our environment
To effectively heal from your allergies The IV Wellness Boutique has formulated two new allergy formulas.
The Allergy Booster is a quick intramuscular shot that will help to gently decrease your bucket’s burden to ultimately reduce your allergy symptoms. This booster is great to include as a twice weekly part of your allergy treatment before and during allergy season or to alternate with our Breath Easy IV.
The Breath Easy IV is chock full of the essential nutrients needed to modulate your overactive immune system and effectively decrease your bucket’s burden by supporting your kidney and liver function. This IV should be a weekly part of your allergy treatment before and during the allergy season with or without the Allergy Booster depending on the severity of your symptoms.
Find relief from your allergies this season and for the long run with The IV Wellness Boutique.