Cadbury Mini Egg Rehab

Cadbury Mini Egg Rehab

Easter is a holiday for family, outdoor fun, feasts, and copious mini eggs…. So, here’s a few tips to lose the guilt, and ease your way back on track.

Life wouldn’t be nearly as fun if we never allowed ourselves some indulgences. When trying to get back on track, first things first; let’s lose the guilt, and bask in the glory that those times (mini eggs) brought. We know that life is about balance, and there’s a time and place for everything.

That being said, we want to ensure that our indulgences don’t completely throw us off our routine, and tip the balance. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen, one of the main things to get under control as soon as possible, is blood sugar balance. Large feasts, and sugary treats leave us on a roller coaster of food comas, and sugar crashes. First thing to do, is acknowledge this. When our energy crashes, our body will crave sources of sugar (carbs, or sweets) to quickly bring energy levels back up. Understand your impulses, so you can outsmart them. When this happens, grab something with protein, or healthy fats, or if you know you do not need to eat again, then grab a water instead. These cravings are impulsive, and we need to mindfully ignore them!

Schedule a workout: No matter how low your energy is after an indulgent weekend, pencil it in. Commit to a workout class, or sweat date with a friend, something that will hold you to it. Sometimes when our energy dips (due to a busy schedule, or sugar crashes in this case), the last thing we want to do is go exert more energy. When you know your energy is low because of the ride that your blood sugar has been on though, this is the time to push for that workout. The residual overload of sugar in the bloodstream, can have further negative effects on insulin sensitivity. Insulin is what we need to bring sugars from the bloodstream into different cells for energy. When the blood is saturated with sugar, insulin can become desensitized and this leads to more chronic fatigue as our cells aren’t getting the energy they need. By exercising, we are able to burn off some of the excess sugar, and maintain insulin sensitivity…. Insulin sensitivity and blood sugar balance, is a relationship we want to nurture for the long term health benefits!

Lastly, up your water intake: Allow the body to make the most of the surge of nutrients, and also get rid of all unwanted/excess wastes. This helps relieve the burden on the system, and will allow your body to restore the balance much quicker. Also, nutrients require water for metabolism in the body. With an increase in foods going in, we can dehydrate the body. Step up your water intake!

Remember that you have tools to reset your body. It’s ok to indulge, and enjoy it fully. There’s a time and place for everything.

Dr. Brett Simpson ND