Why we choose IV Vitamin Therapy!

Why we choose IV Vitamin Therapy!
IV Vitamin Therapy delivers high doses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in combinations to help treat a wide variety of conditions including low energy, stress and anxiety, depleted immunity, weight loss and much more! 

Dr. Julie Cahill, Naturopathic Physician – IV Specialist:

I use IV therapy for my patients because I know they want to feel better as fast as possible! Getting a therapeutic dose of nutrients into your bloodstream gives your body the best chance to heal quickly. Some experience the benefits of IV nutrients right away, while others feel better the day after their IV treatment. Many people live really busy, stressful lives and get run down. IV therapy can make a huge difference in those who are depleted, giving them the energy to get back on track to living a happy, healthy life.

Dr. Erica Kubanek, Naturopathic Physician – IV Specialist:

I love providing IV nutrients to patients because it is a safe and effective means of improving their health. With IV nutrient therapy we can provide the most important nutrients that you can get from food in much higher doses allowing us to boost the most tired, calm the most stressed and help you prevent or recover from the worst colds! It’s exciting to help people feel their best. 

Dr. Kaylee Driedger, Naturopathic Physician – IV Specialist:

IV nutrient therapy is an important part of my practice – I love incorporating it for my patients, allowing them to feel better faster! It’s a satisfying feeling knowing you’re helping people get back to their life and activity level by providing the body with high quality nutrients that they can’t and won’t necessarily get from food. By bypassing the digestive system we are able to saturate the body with nutrients, which boosts energy, speeds recovery and helps with sleep – just a few of the most common immediate effects felt from IV therapy.