Community Acupuncture at the IV!

Community Acupuncture at the IV!

We are excited to announce that the IV is now offering Community Acupuncture launching June 5, 2015! Tuesday’s and Friday’s 12pm – 6pm, $1 dollar per minute, (minimum $20)

Come in and enjoy Acupuncture on your time for as long as you want.

More about Community Acupuncture:

Community setting

Most acupuncturists see one patient per hour, whereas community acupuncture will see patients in a group setting.  This practice aligns with acupuncture traditions across the world and allows for multiple patients per hour, each in their own comfortable recliner. It also allows us to charge a reduced fee, thereby making acupuncture accessible for many more people. This kind of collective stillness is a rare and precious thing in our rushed and busy society.

Sliding scale

The proposed scale of $30-$60 corresponds to the length of your stay once your needles are in ($30 for 30 minutes).  The purpose of the sliding scale is to make sure that you can get enough acupuncture to get healthy and stay healthy. We want you to get good results and tell everybody you know that acupuncture works!

Frequent treatments are a key to good results

Acupuncture is a PROCESS.  It is very rare for any acupuncturist to be able to resolve a problem completely in one treatment. Most patients require a course of frequent treatments, which are much more likely to provide faster relief. If you don’t come in often enough or long enough, acupuncture might not work as well as it could. The purpose of the sliding scale is to help you afford to get as much acupuncture as you need to get better and stay better.

About the treatments

Your treatment depends on information gathered from your intake form, your pulse and your tongue. You do not need to disrobe. Once you are comfortable in the recliner, you to take off your shoes and socks and roll your pants up to your knees and your sleeves up to your elbows. Conversations usually happen at a quiet level, because most likely there would be a couple of people asleep in their chairs. You can stay as long as you like, most people stay between 30 minutes to an hour.


The community setting requires some flexibility from you. There is ambient music in the treatment room, but you are welcome to bring your own iPod or other personal listening device with earbuds, or some earplugs.

How it works

A big part of the success of Community Acupuncture is that the patients learn the “routine” and take on a lot of responsibility for their appointments.  It’s best to schedule your next appointment (or even better a series of appointments) BEFORE we start the treatment. This way you can relax and linger in your treatment chair without having to worry about remembering to schedule your next appointment.