Cosmetic Mesotherapy: ‘Instant Chin Lift’

Cosmetic Mesotherapy: ‘Instant Chin Lift’

What is the ‘Instant Chin Lift?

A powerful chin-lifting facial that uses the restorative properties of Mesotherapy, a unique technique used to lift and rejuvenate the skin without the use of surgery.  The technique accelerates skin cell regeneration, promotes circulation, improves skin absorption and prevents further aging.  After one to three treatments you will notice a smoother, younger and more defined jaw line.


  • Instant ‘sculpting and firming’ results
  • Lifts sagging neck muscles
  • Boosts collagen and reduces fine lines
  • Reduces ‘waddle’ and puffiness
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage

How is Mesotherapy used?

In our youth, connective tissue that lends strength and flexibility to many parts of the body, including the skin, starts to deteriorate.  As you age, the content in your skin decreases and the underside of the chin, aka the jowls, start to show.  With the use of small injections, Mesotherapy can offer gradual, safe and natural looking results.

Cosmetic Mesotherapy Instant Chin Lift

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