Dermal Fillers – The Art of Subtle Sculpting

Dermal Fillers – The Art of Subtle Sculpting

Have you ever considered dermal fillers? While many women (and men) get carried away and over do it, it is possible to make subtle alterations that make you look (and feel) younger, without making any drastic changes. Your best friend, boyfriend, or mother (insert other important person here) will probably just think you’ve been taking extra good care of yourself and getting really good sleep. Don’t worry; I’ll keep your secret safe.

There are many companies that make dermal filler, but all fillers consist of hyaluronic acid in some form. Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the extracellular matrix of the skin, which means that it is one of the substances that fill the space between the cells, collagen and elastin fibers. It gives the skin volume. As we age, an enzyme in our bodies breaks down the hyaluronic acid, and the result is less voluminous skin and sunken in fine lines. When we inject filler, we are literally giving back what time has taken away. It is a very safe, simple procedure that can make a big difference!

My motto is to GO SLOW; you can always add more, but it is difficult and costly to take it away. When we go slowly, we can make gradual changes and it will be less obvious that you’ve had some work done ;) This practice will also be easier on your wallet, as the cost is based on the amount of product used.

Here at the IV, we offer a free fifteen-minute skin consultation to discuss the options and price so that you are not forced to make any impulsive decisions on the spot (you are welcome to have the treatment that same day if you are confidant that you know what you want). This way you are prepared when you come in and there are no surprises when you check out. Also, every session includes a complimentary follow up visit one to two weeks later where we can look at the results, discuss any concerns, and add more if necessary.

Dr. Nicola Bennett, ND