Have No Fear of Fillers – 4 tips to ease your mind

Have No Fear of Fillers – 4 tips to ease your mind

The number of dermal filler treatments continues to increase in popularity mostly due to the ease and safety of the treatment. Many people are drawn to the filler’s immediate results and its ability to easily replace volume loss due to normal aging. Despite the positive attributes of dermal fillers, there are individuals who are still hesitant with the treatment because they are afraid of injections.

Below, are some of the ways to feel more comfortable about your treatment:

1. Book a consultation with the doctor or nurse before your treatment to discuss goals, procedure and any concerns you may have.

2. Most doctors or nurses will use agents such as ice or topical numbing cream to reduce any possible discomfort associated with the injection.

3. Ask for a pre and post procedure handout to review before and after your treatment.

4. Avoid blood-thinning supplements (vitamin E, fish oils, vitamin E) a few days prior to the treatment to avoid bruising and swelling.

Don’t forget, dermal fillers are a safe and easy treatment with no to little down time. They are minimally invasive and provide beautiful immediate results.

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