Get Energized for the Holidays!

Get Energized for the Holidays!

IV Therapy … Just what you need to keep you going throughout the winter season!


Winter is here, the holidays are coming, shopping lists are long and the reasons to indulge seem even longer!  IV therapy is an excellent way to keep you feeling energized and healthy throughout the winter & holiday season.  

Prevention is key!  Start now by supporting your system with the extra nutrients it needs. This will go a long way getting you through the chilly winter days and fun-filled holiday nights!

Why does IV Therapy help?  All of our IV’s contain a mixture of vitamins, minerals and amino acids specially formulated to address your health concerns.  Here’s a look at two of our most popular winter and holiday IV treatments:

Our Burnout IV is full of B vitamins, trace minerals, and vitamin C to boost your energy levels and support your adrenal glands.

Our Hangover IV is packed with vitamin C, B vitamins, minerals, and glutathione that will detoxify your system and hydrate you.

So, don’t let the long winter days get you down or the craziness of the holidays leave you feeling depleted.  Instead get out and enjoy all that winter has to offer and rejoice in the season with the help of one our IV treatments!


Your IV Team