Go Green – Blend into Action

Go Green – Blend into Action

In further attempt to keep my senses attuned and my energy up, I have decided to put the old faux-rrari of a blender back into action.

I can’t be alone in this pursuit to find daily tools to enhance my energy level, help my body bounce back from the daily gym routines or motives to reach the beach bod.

When I look at balance, apart from my love for treating people in the clinic, truly, I’m partial to juicing, so this meant finding a recipe that will both taste good and positively affect my body’s energy.  Well I guess I can say as a practitioner, “Get on the Juice!” maybe the game changer many of us need including myself to manifest the energy from nutrition that will elevate our energy, fuel our mind and be the get up and Yes, go get that beach bod you want which may mean Go Green and Get on the Juice.  Green foods and vegetable rich in phyto-nutrients create an energy rich, alkaline body.  When our body is alkaline we are have a sound environment, less acidic and able to run at full capacity without stealing nutrients from other areas of the body.

To create a more alkaline environment in the body, I came up with the ‘Green Milkshake’





Coconut Milk

 Sweet tooth, add some:

Small Apple

Pear or ½ banana

Majoolie date (pre-soaked in a small dish the night before or boil water and soak for 5 minutes)

Many of us can relate to the roller coaster ride of energy, hormones, high and lows and maybe the low is even affecting your libido.  Supplements like Maca can be a secret nutty flavored addition to your daily Juice and benefit couples especially offering more energy with out a stimulant effect, enhanced libido and lowered Cortisol levels which means our bodies won’t hold on to calories and may even leave us stress free and ready to take on the next goal!


Maca root:


On my journey to stay on track with my new Juice routine I found that adding a spoon full of Chlorella gave me a powerful concentrate of alkalizing green juice and overall it became a very cost effective way to manage making the ‘Green Milkshake’ at home!

Pressure on our bodies daily can create low energy and add stress.  Weekly acupuncture combined with a high nutrient diet can power us through the daily struggles of muscle pain many of which have been attributed to an acidic diet in addition to daily work and activity related stresses.

Come for a treatment and bring along your favorite green recipe!

Stay Healthy,

Sarah McGuire

Registered Acupuncturist, Health Enthusiast – Go Green