Goodbye Tired, Puffy Eyes!

Goodbye Tired, Puffy Eyes!

Do your eyes look like you could use a good night sleep?

Tired eyes are often a result of:

• Dehydration
• Aging and thin-skin
• Iron deficiency
• Lack of sleep
• Poor diet
• Kidney deficiency
• Poor lymphatic drainage

Of the hundreds of lymph nodes in the body, up to half of them are around the face. Puffy, tired eyes are often the result of poor lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system is a circulatory system with no pump. To stimulate this system you need to move your muscles with exercise, massage or deep breathing.

You can help the look of tired eyes with a lymphatic massage and Gua Sha treatment to drain excess fluid, reduce puffiness and boost circulation around the eye.

Gua Sha therapy is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that uses a round edged instrument to gently improve blood circulation, reduce water retention and puffiness around the eyes.

This technique can be used as a stand-alone service or one that can be added to the HydroGlow facial for extra skin and eye restoration.

Written by Sarah McGuire, Registered Acupuncturist and natural health enthusiast.