the IV weight loss challenge – final blogs #IVjourney


robin-after-250Robin’s #IVjourney

If I can do it … anyone can!!!  That is what I said to a friend yesterday when I told her I hit my goal of losing 10lbs and what I wasn’t expecting 7.75 inches.

My #IVjourney was a total learning experience not so much a diet.  I figured out very quickly why I haven’t been able to lose that 10 pounds, even though I had tried every kind of diet known to man.  I learned that munching equals calories, which equals weight gain … who would have known.

All kidding aside I feel amazing!!!  My jeans fit again and I was able to pull out that dress that I had buried in my closet this time last year.

I’m not going to lie there were some tough days, but after I found my routine it was more about educating myself on vegetables, fruits and cooking.  I now have a fridge full of colorful selections … all which taste great and are not that hard to cook.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone and everyone.  Weight loss can be a long and lonely journey but with the help and support of the great doctors at the IV you will feel supported the whole way down the road to success.


amanda-after-250Amanda’s #IVjourney


I did it!! I hit my goal of 20lbs of weight lost in 26 days!! I’m so happy!

Of course, it happened the day AFTER our final weigh-in, but I’m still counting it as a total success!

That’s the end of Phase One in the #IVjourney. Now I have to convince my brain, that this is the new me – or in my case, the start of a new me. Onto Phase Two – which is stabilization.

While my daily calorific intake can now more than double the 500 of the past few weeks, for the next three weeks, the goal will be to incorporate daily exercise and to NOT gain any weight or really lose much either. As well, I’m still avoiding sugar and fat and processed foods.

That will be six weeks without any of those things – and to be honest, I’m not craving any of them anymore. It’s a desperate-me that would have laughed at that comment a mere three weeks ago; someone who was going cold turkey through cheese and hazelnut latte depravation. But now, my mind is completely different and I’m more than satisfied with a lunch and dinner that has no starchy foods or unnecessary dairy additions. My appetite has completely changed too – I simply survive on less and I feel fuller, faster. Although I’m definitely looking forward to a large gin and tonic at some point!

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did this. I feel SO determined to carry on the hard work – and it was hard work!! There’s no way I went through that for nothing. I’m so grateful as well that I wasn’t alone on this journey. Having Dr. Rootes with me every step of the way, as well as the additional encouragement and challenge of two other participants, helped keep everyone going and on the right track.

I was going to say that this plan might not be a fit for all – but that’s not true… it absolutely CAN be. Between the three of us, we did it for a 10lb loss, a 15lb loss and a 20lb loss looking to kickstart a bigger picture slimdown, so we covered all the traditional weight-loss bases – and we ALL did it! And if we did, so can you!


richard-after-250Richards #IVjourney

Well, its done (mostly). Phase I is officially completed. The weight loss has been tallied and the inches have been measured. I am very pleased with the results. I have lost 23 pounds and 12 inches and can now fit into the clothes I was wearing before I started massage therapy school back in 2010. I feel much lighter on my feet (and I’m sure my knees are thanking me for that). I am noticing that I do not get winded nearly as easily now that my lungs have a bit more room to expand and also I am not lugging around that 20+ pounds of extra weight. I have also noticed a bunch of little things like how much easier it is to bend over without my belly getting in the way.

This last week has been the toughest by far. There were a few days where I was feeling pretty weak. The good news is that I can now bump up the calories, which means of course that my strength will quickly return. My diet is still somewhat limited over the next 26 days (no starches or sugar), but that is fine. For the most part, I do not miss them (a little bit, but mostly not).

This is by far the quickest and for the most part, easiest way to drop a bunch of weight. Sure there are challenges, but if you follow the guidelines and do what you are supposed to, it is definitely worth it!