the IV weight loss challenge – week 1


RobinRobin’s #IVjourney

Oh those last ten pounds!!

As hard as I have tried to lose these last 10 pounds, I just can’t seem to put a dent in it. And if I do, it is back on in a matter of minutes … leaving me with no time to enjoy my skinny jeans!!

So when my business partner, Dr. Heidi Rootes, and I were talking about our weight loss programs here at The IV Wellness Boutique I said to myself “if we are recommending them to our patients then why am I not doing one??”

…And so my journey began with recruiting two willing participates, two people who could relate to my weight loss struggles and who were ready to take this journey with me. I was very excited that Amanda and Richard decided to join me and were open to sharing their struggles and successes with you and everyone else on Social Media … now that is putting yourself out there!

Our journey started on Friday with my Assessment with Dr. Nicole Clement who was very supportive as I gasped when I got on the scale and my 10 pounds was more like 12 pounds…where did those extra 2 come from? After being cleared medically our next two days were filled with calories, calories and more calories as we fuelled up for the next 21 days. I must say it was fun to eat anything and everything, but after a day and half I was ready to start the reduced calorie days as my tummy was not too happy with the almost 10,000 calories I had consumed.

Monday was the first day on our reduced calorie intake and boy was that eye opening. I realized very quickly why I haven’t been able to lose those 10 pounds as I emptied my fridge and cupboards of the snacks and peanut butter and filled it with fruits and vegetables. My fridge actually looks colorful and bright now instead of stacked full of packages, and ok, maybe a chocolate bar or two.

To my surprise I was not hungry yesterday and the injections were easier than I thought they would be. I enjoyed eating all the vegetables I cut up in advance and really liked the white fish, which I swore I would never eat. The only thing that was tough was the black coffee … oh how I already miss my Soy Cappuccinos!!

Today is a new day … Day 4 in my journey to becoming a healthier me!

Stay tuned!


 AmandaAmanda’s #IVjourney

I guess being a skinny child, it’s always hard for me to realize how much things have changed in my adult life. I fully blame the sandwich van that used to visit my first place of work, a radio station in the UK situated on an “industrial estate” which was far from restaurants, pubs and shops and yet that somehow didn’t encourage me to make my own lunch. Yes, it must be the sandwich van’s fault…

Snap forward to now, and I need to make a change. Learning more about IV vitamin therapy has opened up a whole new world to me, so when The IV Wellness Boutique asked if I’d like to be involved in a weight loss challenge, how could I refuse? I’ve worked with the team for a few months now, getting them PR while they launched and they’re an amazing bunch of people. The fact I trust them with my deepest, darkest weightloss secrets proves that.

So here’s the plan – two days of fat-loading, eating as many fat-filled and favourite foods as possible, followed by 21 days of no more than 500 calories. At my initiation, naturopathic Dr. Heidi Rootes told me she is there for me every step of the way, but she says: “It’s going to be really, really hard. But it’s going to work.”

As well as the fasting-level of calories, I receive once-weekly shots from Dr. Rootes which include B12 and other metabolism-boosting ingredients….plus the thing that shocked me a lot…injecting myself daily – eek! I did the first shot myself at the IV Wellness Boutique and despite it being very, very weird (as Dr. Rootes said: “We don’t want this to be normal, right?”), I managed it and I’m sure it will become less and less weird.

While I won’t be posting my weight on here (hell, a girl needs SOME dignity), I’ll be posting my weight loss. I’ve been told I can expect to lose A POUND A DAY. Wow. That would be amazing.

I’m looking at this to kick-start a new healthy lifestyle. I’m already thinking about how I can change things once I’m back on my own. I don’t NEED to buy nice cheese every time I go to the store; I can buy the snacks the kids like, rather than the ones I like as well; carbs should be a treat, instead of the norm. Those are things I haven’t really considered before, so I’m hoping this journey will be one that lasts a lifetime.


RichardRichards #IVjourney

These last 6 years have taught me one very important thing in terms of health: procrastination and a busy schedule are a very bad combination. Somehow, someway, make time for your health!

So here I am about to embark on a short journey that may very well alter the current trajectory of my life in terms of my health. Prior to 2008, I was an active person, I had a physical job in construction, and I would usually put in 150-200 km worth of bike riding per week along with the occasional volleyball or softball game thrown in for good measure. Then came school…

I had decided to return to school, embarking on a whole new chapter in my life in the field of massage. Well, one year later, after a full load of courses, a long commute from Abbotsford to Mission, multiple hours of homework each day, and not making time to do any exercise, my fitness level deteriorated rapidly and extra weight was gained. Fast forward two years and still not much progress on the health front, I decide to return to school, this time to become a massage therapist. Skip ahead another two years, an equally full course load, even more homework, less of a commute (allowing me to walk to school), a small amount of activity, but still a loss in fitness and extra weight gained. So, all tolled, I gained around 45 pounds since 2008 and find myself getting winded uncomfortably quickly…

Enter the opportunity of a rewind with my #IVjourney, aimed to be my weight loss kickstart. Whatever the final weight loss is, it will make riding my bike easier which means riding it to work and continuing the process of reclaiming my life! The first step was the blood testing to make sure I am a good candidate for the diet. Next was an assessment with Dr Canlas along with measurements and a weigh-in followed by a walk-through on how to inject myself with the hCG (much easier than you think!).

Now for the diet part, the ‘fun’ part: 2 days of loading up on fatty foods! Initially it WAS fun, but it ended up being fairly tiring, and left me looking forward to the smaller healthier portions (we’ll see how long that lasts). After the loading phase, the diet begins, which is where I am now. I am on day 4, the second day of the reduced calorie portion of ‘phase 1′ (a short 21 days to go!). I am down 3 pounds from my pre-loaded weight and 6 pounds from my loaded weight!

Stay tuned…