the IV weight loss challenge – week 2


RobinRobin’s #IVjourney

WOW! Do I ever have some bad habits!!!

Ok let’s start by telling you that although we are eating only 500 calories I have not been hungry once … honestly not once.  However what has been challenging is even though I have not been hungry all I want to do is EAT!!

So my journey so far has been all about identifying some really bad habits.  A nibble and snack here, another cappuccino there, then out for dinner with friends and maybe somewhere along the way a piece or two of chocolate, dark of course J , and that would be how my days went.  As I look back now, I totally get why I have not been able to shed that last 10 pounds.  I find myself actually snickering at the thought process that “oh it’s ok it’s dark chocolate”  At 3000+ calories a day does it really matter if it is dark??

At 5’1 and 42 years old I found out that with my activity level (which is average) I should be consuming somewhere around 2000 calories a day.  A big difference from the 3000+ I had been consuming 4-5 times a week.  So I’m not shocked anymore that my 10 pounds was more like 12 pounds on our starting day.

I also realized that I don’t drink nearly enough water each day.  In just 10 days my skin looks better, is not dry and I just feel better, all a result of drinking 1.5-2 litres of water a day.

So needless to say this isn’t just a weight loss journey for me, it is about learning and adapting new healthier, lifelong habits.

6 Pounds down as we approach the half way mark … I’m starting to feel like I will actually achieve my target goal weight and finally have the tools to keep it off!

Stay tuned!


 AmandaAmanda’s #IVjourney

Dr Rootes wasn’t wrong when she said this journey would be really hard. One week in and I’ve definitely had some very tough days, mostly when I was struggling to hit my target of one pound a day in weight loss. I had a 0.2 lb loss day following a REALLY hard day of keeping within my 500 calories.

However, quitting isn’t an option. Not only does this HAVE to mark a change, this is an amazing opportunity to kickstart a new lifestyle and I’m grateful for that chance.

Those tough days were ones where life had to carry on as normal and I clearly was feeling the effects of low calorie intake. I had a few days last week that were busy with work and life and I had to remind myself that change is not an easy process but the reward at the end of the journey is worth the struggle to get there.

And now, after a weekend of reflection and rest I can see that the tough days have so far been countered by the good news on the scale. I hit my weekly target: at weigh-in I was down 6.25 pounds in seven days which felt pretty darn good.

Things I’ve learned so far on my #IVjourney:

  • I really don’t like black coffee – that’s where my allowable 1 tablespoon of milk goes every day and I’m glad I have that allowance to make coffee bearable
  • Stevia does not taste good. In fact, it tastes the same as the other sugar replacements, but of course it’s natural, so better for you. But still gross.
  • I REALLY love cheese. Too much. I think this is the reason I’m currently where I am when it comes to my body. I can handle cutting out sugar, but cutting out cheese has been INCREDIBLY hard. I didn’t realize how much I relied on it as a snack, as a topping, as an addition to pretty much any dish. It’s good that I’ve noticed this and it will have to be something I need to continue to work on in the next two weeks.


RichardRichards #IVjourney

One week into the low calorie portion of the Rapid Weight Loss program and I have learned a few things about myself. I eat too much…I eat the wrong things and definitely too often. I used to be able to get away with it a) because I was a lot more active and b) I am not a young man anymore, not old but my metabolism just doesn’t burn the way it used to when I was 20 something. Which brings me back to where I am now, one week into step one of regaining my life.

For the most part week one has gone fairly smooth, getting used to 500 calories is a bit of an eye opener, but some creative cooking helps spice up a very limited menu, oh, and drinking A LOT of water (which I will continue once this program is over). I have learned that if you have a somewhat physical career while doing the program, you will likely have to split up your meals during the day instead of eating it all at lunch and dinner, you may also need to boost the calories a little bit but only if absolutely necessary and be careful what you do it with!

So far, the results have been very encouraging. As of this morning, I am 14 pounds from my loaded weight and 10.5 pounds from my pre-loaded weight! While the weight is not coming off as fast as it did the first couple of days, it is still coming off in a way that I am very happy with. I feel lighter and my clothing is actually getting loose if not outright baggy … I may need to buy a new belt soon if not a whole new outfit!

Stay Tuned!