the IV weight loss challenge – Week 4 #IVjourney

Robin’s #IVjourney – Week 4

Another very successful week and I find myself amazingly 1 pound away from my goal weight!

This week was filled with lots of ups and not as many downs as I started to find a routine.  I did struggle a bit over the weekend as I was a bit tired and not as prepared, but managed to replace my chocolate bar and large handfuls of almonds and dried fruit (a healthy snack when ate in the right proportion, not the handfuls that I have been consuming) with a couple of apples and more lemon and lime flavoured water.  Both of these healthy alternatives were actually satisfying and my chocolate desires eventually subsided.

Today I feel the weight loss, my clothes fit so much better and I walk with just a bit more confidence again.  At dance class last night I wasn’t as tuckered out and found that I had more energy throughout the class … and I’m not going to lie I felt sexier than I have in months and didn’t shy away from standing in front of the mirror.  Some would say 10 pounds is not a lot of weight BUT it has made a BIG impact on the way I feel.  Now I look forward to starting a new exercise routine to start toning, improve my cardio and feeling healthier overall.

So glad I took this journey … tomorrow is our final weigh in and no matter what the scale says I feel amazing!!

Stay tuned!


Richard’s #IVjourney – Week 4

Here we are, one day left in Phase I of the Rapid Weight Loss program with tomorrow being the big weigh-in to see what the final tally will be.

Phase I definitely had some challenges; everything from wrapping my head around sticking to a minuscule 500 calorie meal plan to smelling all the amazing food available here in Yaletown (& knowing I can’t eat any of it) to watching the weigh scale day in and day out to ensure I was on the correct path.

These last few days have left me stalled at what has been my target weight, so that hasn’t been too bad (partly due to a calorie miscalculation on my part with regards to a homemade snack). It would have been nice to break through in a significant manner, but I am happy with 23 pounds lost in just over a three week period (and yes, that may be a bit of an understatement).

Thursday brings the start of Phase II! I will now be able to start implementing exercise into my routine! I will finally be able to eat full meals. I still have to avoid starchy foods & sugars which will still take a bit of education on my part with meal preparation, but it will be worth it to get myself back to an active lifestyle.


Amanda’s #IVjourney – Week 4

The final stretch and as of last Friday, I’m five pounds off my weight loss goal of 20 pounds on this #IVjourney. I’m so determined – I am gonna do this! Final weigh in is on Wednesday. It really is the start of a longer journey for me – my goal by the end of the year is to lose 60 pounds. I’ve never been so determined to keep going and I’m actually ready for the next phase of maintaining the loss and building on it. I’ve definitely had a mental breakthrough and realize where I was going wrong before and how I can fix that moving forward. I sit here writing this blog post in a restaurant where the rest of the family is eating lunch consisting of fries, grilled cheese sandwiches and burgers….and I have water and coffee and I’m fine! And I picked out what I would have chosen if I wasn’t dieting and it didn’t have a single fried item on it.

As well as realizing how much healthier I’m going to be in the future, I realized this is probably the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life: NO processed foods for almost four weeks, no added sugar, no pop, no alcohol. That must be the reason that despite a low calorie intake, I seem to have more energy than I usually do when I’m eating three meals a day!

I’m looking forward to moving on, to eating a bit more – sensibly – but also getting back into an exercise regime.

As far as my goal for this phase of my journey is concerned – I didn’t realize that out of the three of us, I’d set myself the highest weight loss! Well – I’m nearly there – I’m looking forward to Wednesday!