The IV Welcomes Acupuncturist Rafael Benedek

The IV Welcomes Acupuncturist Rafael Benedek

My interest in health started many years ago, when I was a young boy. Family time around the dinner table was always much more than just a meal spent in silence. My Dad, a medical doctor and son of a highly respected physiotherapist, turned mealtimes into physiology lessons and quizzes for my brothers and me. From a young age I was developing a deep understanding of the complexities and inner workings of the human body, and all of the things that can go wrong, and right!

Many years and dozens of soul-crushing business courses later, I realized that all of my knowledge about biology and my passion for helping people had no outlet in the corporate setting, and that I was very much drawn to the health sciences.

During that time I also developed a strong interest in eastern philosophies, especially the meditative traditions, and soon found myself deeply immersed in a very spiritual environment, surrounded by some wise people on the same path, and this is what led me to pursue my studies in the holistic medical arts.

Three years later I graduated with an Acupuncture diploma and a new language for describing the body which I already knew so well through my Dad, from a western medical perspective. I found myself caught between two worlds and two different ways of describing the same thing: our health and wellness. Making the connections between the western and eastern approaches came naturally, and I’ve been bridging the gap ever since in my six years of practice through thousands of acupuncture treatments.

I’m very excited to meet you, and demonstrate my wealth of experience and passion for helping you to feel your best.

To book your initial consultation with me, please call (604) 974-8999

With love and warm regards,
Rafael Benedek R.Ac.