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Heidi Rootes

Naturopathic Physician

Five Friendly Reminders for a Healthy, Happy Summer

  1. Don’t forget to drink water.  As the sun comes out and the patios open we often allow ourselves to become dehydrated.  Be sure to  drink plenty of water through out the day, about 1.5 – 2 L and more if you are active.  Try to get your activity in during cooler hours to avoid dehydration.  Remember, if you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated!
  2. Remember to get sleep:  with more hours of sunlight it can be harder to get your recommended 7 – 9 hours of sleep, plus there are so many fun things to do in the summer.  But sleep is essential for maintaining good health, supporting your immune system and even helping maintain healthy weight.
  3. Allow yourself some sun – Yes!  Summer sun is a great way to stock up on Vitamin D, an important nutrient essential to your brain, heart, joints, and immune system.  Also, sunlight through the eyes stimulates the pineal gland to release hormones such as serotonin and melatonin that make us feel great.  But be sensible: get your sunlight early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid its harmful effects.
  4. Boost your body with berries:  tis the season and the health benefits of berries are countless.  Here’s a start: berries help improve skin, nails, hair, joints and immunity.  Their powerful antioxidants prevent dementia, aging, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.  Stock up and eat your berries daily.
  5. Don’t eat too much sugar – ice cream, iced lattes, frozen delights….all add up to lots of extra sugar.  Research shows that daily consumption of sugar increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, dementia, arthritis, immune dysfunction, fatigue, insomnia and depression.  Just a little bit of sugar every day dramatically affects the body’s pH balance and can trigger an acidic environment that is very unhealthy to the body.  Keep it fresh and get your sugar in the form of fresh fruit this summer.

Remember, everything we do this summer sets the stage for how our body is prepared (or not) for the following months of fall and winter.  Use this time to get your body healthy and feeling great.

Dr. Nicole Clement

Naturopathic Physician

3 Most Common Energy Drainers.

Sometimes the simplest things have such a big impact on your energy levels.  So if ENERGY is at the top of your most wanted list, then here are my 3 most common energy drainers and their easy fixes.

Drink more water

Water is essential for your body; you can live longer without food than you can without water.  When you are dehydrated your blood volume decreases. The blood is responsible for bringing oxygen to your tissues to generate energy.  Even mild dehydration (5%) can result in 35% loss of total energy in the body.  So the next time you’re feeling tired, trying drinking some clean water before having that food or snack. Remember you can only absorb 6oz of water at a time, so sip frequently throughout your day.

Veggies for breakfast

Adding some vegetables into your breakfast instead of eating a bowl of sugary cereal, or eggs and toast, or even nothing at all can make a huge difference in preventing that midday crash.  Vegetables provide the vitamins and minerals needed to help relieve fatigue, sharpen your focus and give you that energy boost.  Start your day by fueling it up for success.  Remember fruits and certain veggies can breakdown quickly; so to get most energy benefits its best to pair your veggies with a protein or healthy fat.

Wear Bright Colours

Studies have shown that wearing bright colours such as blue, pink, orange, yellow and red not only brighten up your mood but also significantly improve energy.  Just like sunshine bright colours stimulate the brain to release hormones responsible for giving us a lift.  So if you wake up feeling less than 100% throw on something colorful and have a fabulous day.

Dr. Judith Canlas

Naturopathic Physician

The 5 Love Languages

Does it ever feel like you and your partner are speaking two different languages? Well, it may just be that you do…Gary Chapman, author of “The 5 Love Languages”, suggest that we primarily express and receive love in five different ways:

  1. Words of Affirmation – If this is your primary love language, hearing the words “I love you” are especially important, and encouraging words make you feel your best
  2. Acts of Service – Actions speak louder than words, you appreciate it when others offer to help you with tasks as simple as taking the garbage out or cooking a meal
  3. Receiving Gifts – The thought and gesture behind receiving a gift, regardless of the monetary value, particularly makes you feel remembered and cherished by your loved ones
  4. Quality Time – Spending quality one on one time with your partner is especially important to you
  5. Physical Touch – Hugs, holding hands, pats on the back, and thoughtful touches on the arm make you feel loved and cared for

Though all 5 love languages are important, understanding and ‘speaking’ the primary language that your partner expresses can go a long way in making them feel appreciated and loved.

Sarah McGuire

Registered Acupuncturist

Recharge your battery and generate vital energy.

Fatigue is a common complaint that brings many people to visit an acupuncturist. You can become tired from constantly being on-the-go, coping with a stressful situation or an underlying medical condition. Acupuncture will help balance and invigorate the body’s energies, but it is important to first get a diagnosis of what is causing your fatigue.

The goal of acupuncture is to bring the energy flow of each meridian into balance.  By promoting the free flow of qi (energy), acupuncture can improve the circulation of blood and oxygen to all parts of the body – thereby promoting energy production.  Acupuncture treats the root cause of feeling tired, so that you can feel your best.

Vitamin injection therapy, food therapy and exercise are additional Chinese medicine therapies that work synergistically to support healthy body function.  When combined with adequate rest and a positive outlook your energy levels will become more stable and vibrant.

Most people experience a deep sense of relaxation with acupuncture.  As the body relaxes and systems are brought back into healthy balance, energy levels build and recover.

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