Keep Your Motivation High Even When the Sun Gets Low

Keep Your Motivation High Even When the Sun Gets Low

The autumn might feel like an unwelcome change. Cooler and wetter weather, shorter days… how are you going to keep your summer time glow? Read on for some strategies to keep your energy, mood and motivation high while the season changes.

Vitamin D – This vitamin deficiency is endemic to our locale and its important to stay replete in your D. When Vitamin D is low you can experience seasonal affective disorder – SAD winter blues! Outside of getting enough sunlight exposure when its bright out; supplementing with Vitamin D is your best bet. Come by the IV Wellness Boutique to pick up some oral Vitamin D or get a big boost with our Mood Booster Injection

Fresh Air – It may be tempting to curl up on the couch and wish the weather away but getting out and being active is going to keep your mojo high all season long. A nature prescription is safe and effective. We live in such a beautiful part of the world you are bound to find just the right type of activity that will keep you fit and find your inspiration. Get out into nature and take a deep breath. Vitamin N! We can’t bottle or drip nature into your veins at the IV.  but if we could we totally would.

Regenerative Sleep – Make sleep a priority and make it restful, regenerative. high quality sleep. Increase your chances of high quality sleep by being in bed by 10pm, no screen time before bed and sleeping in a very dark, slightly cool room. Increase your chances of poor quality sleep by crashing after the last episode of your show. If you are having difficulty getting restful and regenerative sleep then consider the Sweet Dreams IV with specific amino acids that will tonify your nervous system and help you get your ZZZZZs.

Enjoy this fall by ensuring you are at your best with help from us at the IV.