Have a little one on the way?

Have a little one on the way?

Massage therapy is a great addition to your prenatal care program, it helps to decrease pain and discomfort, while promoting wellness to both mother and baby.

Benefits of prenatal massage include:

1.)   Decreasing pain caused by a growing baby:

  • Common areas of discomfort include the lower back, abdomen, hips, gluteals, legs, and shoulders

2.)   Alleviating symptoms associated with stressed muscles:

  • Common presentations include headaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, and general fatigue

3.)   Promote relaxation and improve quality of sleep:

  • Massage helps to relax the nervous system

4.)   Relieve anxiety and hormone induced depression:

  • Massage decreases stress hormone and enhances endorphin (happy hormone) secretion in the body

5.)   Improve circulation and promote blood and lymph flow to allow for proper nutrients to be supplied and toxins to be removed to and from the cells of the mother and baby

6.)   Promote venous return (blood flow) and decreases swelling:

  • In pregnancy, blood volume increases and the uterus enlarges as baby grows, which may press against the inferior vena cava, which can hinder venous return
  • Massage can also help to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms such as tingling and numbness in the hands and fingers

7.)   Studies have shown that when massage therapy is included in prenatal care, there is an increase in the baby’s gestational age and birth weight

Massage therapy for prenatal care is a natural way to make the best of your pregnancy and this wonderful stage of life! Book a prenatal massage as a part of your wellness program with Mira Zhang, RMT today at (604)-974-8999 or online at www.theiv.ca