Is Low Estrogen Giving you Wrinkles?

Ah, to be 25 again! Full of energy, chutzpah and…estrogen. The research is strongly supporting that as we age our estrogen levels decline resulting in aging skin.  A scientific study published last year found “estrogens prevent skin aging.  They increase skin thickness and improve skin moisture”.  Estrogen is responsible for the synthesis of collagen, the skin’s underlying support structure.  Loss of collagen is a major factor in skin aging.  There is a strong correlation between skin collagen loss and estrogen deficiency.  Another recent study came to the same conclusion: “skin aging can be significantly delayed by the administration of estrogen”.

Estrogen increases not only collagen content but also contributes to dermal (skin) thickness and elasticity.  Without the growth promoting effects of estrogen the skin literally starts to wither.  The very thin skin we see in elderly people can be directly correlated to lack of estrogen.

There are many safe and effective ways to increase the body’s production and level of estrogen.  Herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids can stimulate the body’s natural production of estrogen.  Proper diet, healthy lifestyle and sleep can also help balance hormones and increase production of estrogen.  If low estrogen levels are a result of menopause, topical bio-identical estrogen creams.

If you suspect low estrogen is giving you wrinkles the best place to start is hormone testing.  Dr. Heidi Rootes, Naturopathic Physician has a special interest in treating hormone imbalance and anti aging medicine.