May Is Here!

May Is Here!

…and while it means summer is just around the corner, for many of us, it means ALLERGIES.

Just in time for allergy season, we here at Vancouver’s first intravenous wellness lounge, are able to offer vitamin packed solutions to your allergy needs

The IV Wellness Boutique located on Homer Street in Yaletown has created intravenous vitamin drips specially designed to help you battle the pollen. These drips include mega doses of vitamin C, a natural antihistamine, magnesium, a well known allergy buster and immune supporting agents including zinc, selenium and of course the B Vitamins.

Speaking of summer being just around the corner, did you know IV therapy can also kick start your weight loss plan and help get you bikini ready?

Thanks to the powers of metabolism boosting amino acids such as methionine, inositol and choline plus a kick of vitamin B12, these IV treatments are a great way to help kick start your weight loss program and gear you up for a couple of months of …well…wearing less gear!

We have IV treatments for anything that ails you. Book now through the home page of our website: