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Dr. Heidi Rootes, ND

Dr. Rootes is one of the most knowledgeable naturopaths I have had the pleasure of working with. She is very warm and attentive and it is clear that she cares very deeply about the patients under her care. Her expertise in diagnosing the root cause of the problem helped many of our patients achieve optimal health. I strongly recommend Dr. Rootes to anyone seeking high quality, effective health care.

—Dr. Laura C., DC

Heidi’s expertise in shoulder ligament rehabilitation is second to none, and I have sought care at some of the best clinics in Canada. Through prolotherapy and suggested rehabilitative practices, she brought my shoulder with multiple tears from less than 80 percent to 100 percent over a 2 year period. I cannot thank you enough!

—Jude J., Medical Representative at Boehringer Ingelheim

Naturopathic physician Dr. Heidi Rootes has appeared numerous times on Shaw TV as a health expert, addressing popular health topics of the day. She’s wonderful to work with, not just because of her expertise in her field, but because of her warm personality, creativity in delivering relevant information to a TV audience, and boundless energy.

—Lisa M., Producer at Shaw TV & Auto Journalist at Vancouver Sun Newspaper

I would highly recommend Dr. Rootes to any of my friends or family members. She is a real professional who knows how to get to the heart of the matter and also someone you can feel comfortable with right away.

—Michael L., Owner at Graze Restaurant

Heidi is a pleasure to work with. I’m always happy to see Heidi’s bright smile and friendly personality – she lights up a room! She can make any patient comfortable & is always great at providing creative solutions to difficult problems.

—Tamara B.

I worked with Dr. Heidi Rootes for 2 years and always appreciated our ability to work collaboratively when treating patients. Dr. Rootes has a very thorough, holistic approach to patient care, which I know has improved the quality of her patients’ lives!

—Paul F., Doctor of Chiropractic & Co-Owner of Chief Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic Inc.

Dr. Nicole Clement, ND

Vitamins injected? I have to share! An astonishing outcome so to speak; new skin cells, smooth, youthful and fewer wrinkles. I first wondered if this is possible naturally but Dr. Nicole has taken facials to a whole new level. I went in for the vitamin facial thinking that often the next thing I try will miraculously change my skin but in the past it usually produced a temporary improvement. This time my experience was a game changer. The vitamin facial seemed to actually change my skin for the long term and fullfill my interest in doing natural treatments that will aid my body to self heal. If you want to see your young skin thrive again naturally and be able to go bare skin and glow, then I  have to say this is the vitamin facial by Dr. Nicole best I have found so far. Thank you Dr. Nicole!!

—Sincerely Thrilled, Steph

I’m excited to have the opportunity to recommend Dr. Nicole Clement, who has been my naturopathic physician for the past 9 months. I have suffered from Crohn’s Disease for 3 decades and during that time I have been treated by several physicians at world renowned hospitals. Dr. Clement has provided a logical perspective to the aggravating factors contributing to my chronic illness. Her approach is both clinically thorough and compassionate. She spent a great deal of time explaining the disease process and ways to treat my disease. Unlike with most physicians, I never felt rushed or pressured during our consultations. I’m feeling significantly better since I have been treated by Dr. Clement, and if you are looking to improve your health, wellbeing, or just looking for a second perspective I can’t recommend Dr. Clement more strongly.


Dr. Nicole has helped me understand the importance of internal health and not just your physical fitness appearance. Looking good and feeling good! Find your synergy.


Dr. Kaleb Falk, ND

After years of struggling with hormonal issues I consulted Dr. Falk in order to find an answer. He is a warm and compassionate doctor and really listens to your concerns. His holistic approach was exactly what I was looking for. His treatments and advice have helped me immensely! I have recommended him to several of my friends!!

— K.M.

Dr. Falk, with his care and understanding, was able to solve my problems with IBS that I have had for years.

—Bev R.

Dr. Erica Kubanek, ND

I went to see Erica 1 1/2 years ago when I felt at the bottom. I was suffering from a lot of stress, felt severely exhausted and had insomnia for quite a while. Before I saw her I had no clue how imbalanced my body was. Thanks to her I am now on the mend from adrenal fatigue, gut issues, ovarian cysts and other female hormone issues. A conventional doctor could not have empowered me to heal myself through natural methods and lifestyle changes. I am truly grateful to have found Erica who is also gentle and kind. I am excited to continue my health journey with her. I highly recommend her.

Dr. Kubanek is knowledgeable and personable. She is a good listener and ensure that my treatment plans are realistic and doable. I see her for Bowen Therapy for my migraines and stiff neck and shoulders. The therapy has been very effective and now I only visit her periodically for “tune-ups.” In addition, she is currently providing me with treatments for healthy skin and healthy hormone production. I always feel comfortable talking to her and really appreciate the attention and effort that she puts into my visits.

I have never been to a Naturopath before. After struggling for about 2 years with digestive issues, low energy, and generally not feeling like myself I visited Dr. K. She had a lot of great information to share with me and brought up a couple new ideas that no other health professional had mentioned previously. I have been feeling a lot better with a few small changes.I highly recommend her for all your naturopathic needs.

Sarah McGuire, R.Ac.

Sarah has been able to intuitively pinpoint where my mind and body have become disconnected which has enabled me to finally put my ideas into action.

—Kasia J.

My acupuncture treatment with Sarah was amazing. Her nurturing energy helped me feel relaxed and at ease. My body felt much better, and after the first treatment I was relaxed, calm and felt awesome after.

—Nicole S.

Mira Zhang, RMT

Moving to Vancouver from NYC, I have spent several years looking for an RMT. Mira is phenomenal. I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders, and I feel like a new person after each treatment. I highly recommend Mira. She is professional and passionate at what she does.

—Judy L.

Clayton Giles, RMT

Clayton got to the bottom of my back problems right away. He’s very knowledgeable and very effective. He identified the sources of my upper back tightness as being my shoulders and chest, not in my back! I found this very interesting and I believe it speaks directly to Clayton’s knowledge of human anatomy. In addition to being familiar with issues affecting people who work at a computer all day, like me, he’s a climber and I’ll be going right to him in case of any climbing related strains or pains. I’m a larger guy and some people have a hard time digging in and really getting into the muscle. This wasn’t at all a problem for Clayton. I honestly have never felt so loose in my upper back, and it has been weeks since my last session. Clayton is technically very strong but he’s also warm, friendly and perfectly professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an RMT.

—Ben R.

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