Plump Your Pout

Plump Your Pout

In the last several years, lip augmentation has undeniably become one of the most popular aesthetic enhancements. From small mini-injections to full-on glam Kylie, we are embracing plumped and hydrated kissable lips. One of the easiest and safest ways to achieve that is through filler injections with hyaluronic acid (HA).

Now, what is HA exactly? It is a naturally produced substance that can be found in our human body, which is safe because the risk of developing an allergic reaction is very low. When injected correctly, HA acts as a cushion and gives volume to the area. And with its hydrophilic properties, it also draws water to the lips and gives it a fresh hydrated look.

One of the benefits of HA is that it is a temporary filler, so there is no long term commitment. Your body will gradually metabolize the product and without maintenance treatments, your lips will return to their original shape and form. If for any reason you want to get rid of the product, hyaluronidase, which is a protein enzyme, can be injected to rapidly break down HA.

Things you should expect from a lip filler experience:

1. Communication is key: Have a consultation with your certified injector and discuss what you want to achieve. Do you want to keep your natural lip shape? Which areas bother you most? What do you want to improve?

2. Comfortable process: Most people find the treatment painless however there are techniques and topical creams that can help lessen the discomfort. By choosing a provider you can trust, it will always make the process more relaxing and enjoyable. And remember, injecting hydrated lips will always be more comfortable than injecting dry chapped lips, so whip out that lip balm and make sure you have baby soft lips before going in for your filler treatment.

3. Knowledge is power: Before you leave the office, you should be aware of post treatment instructions. For example, swelling and bruising can occur after treatment and may take several days to resolve. To maintain the results, you want to avoid manipulating the area and avoid extreme temperatures during the first few days after your treatment. If you have any concerns, never hesitate to contact your provider for support.

4. Follow up: Never underestimate a follow up appointment. This gives you and your provider an opportunity to review and ensure your goals have been met and plan for future maintenance treatments.

Lip augmentation is a feel good aesthetic treatment that can give someone a subtle or dramatic improvement. With the safety and efficacy of hyaluronic acid fillers, it makes it easy and comfortable for any one to achieve their aesthetic goals.

With love and warm regards,
Kerry Wong, RN