What to do to prepare for fall

What to do to prepare for fall

Are you looking forward to the change in pace that September brings? Whether you are heading back to school, work or have a big project looming, you should start preparing now. Here are some thoughts on how to make this transition easy, feel less stressed and stay happy all through autumn.

Therapy for your system – Replete rather than deplete

You may have a higher need for nutrients or have trouble absorbing them if you are stressed. B vitamins are often depleted and they necessary for your body’s energy production and hormone metabolism. If you are feeling run-down and sick then Vitamin C can bolster your immune function. A busy schedule and stress may trigger anxiety or depression and several important amino acids can tonify your nervous system. All of these nutrients, and many others, are repleted by our top IVs: the Stress B, the Chill out and the Burnout.

Create a healthful routine – Prioritize sleep and exercise

Make the basics of a healthy routine your priority so that you remain supported through stressful times. Exercise doesn’t need to be intense or specific, but it does have to be regular and varied. Think of all the kinds of movement you enjoy. Biking, walking, playing, swimming, everything. Then carve out time every day to move. Twenty minutes or more is enough.

Furthermore sleep needs to be a priority. Don’t let long to-do lists or the next season of your favorite show take away from your shut eye. To bed by 10pm is best.

Foster Nutrition – Meal plan for three square meals per day

Sometimes it feels like properly fueling our body is a hassle but it is essential to sustaining a good focus, concentration, balanced mood and abundant energy. Avoid convenience foods or meals that are usually hyper processed and devoid of nutrients. Get organized and keep a healthy diet by planning ahead so that you have plenty of nutritious meals and snacks to keep your blood sugar balanced, your body fueled and stay healthy.

This fall is coming up fast so get over to the IV and we’ll hook you up with the IV therapy you need.