Ready to Run? We have the answer to your Dehydration Dilemma!

Ready to Run? We have the answer to your Dehydration Dilemma!

Water is essential for survival and our bodies carefully monitor its levels.  When your fluid levels drop just 2-3% your bodies’ thirst mechanisms kick in telling you to drink more.  This being said, we are constantly loosing water through sweat, tears, and urine.  The more active you are, the more your need for proper hydration increases.

The average person loses approximately half a liter of water for every hour of exercise on a cool day.  This will be substantially more if you are exercising hard on a hot day.  For example, if it takes you 60 minutes to run the Sun Run this weekend and it’s a sunny day you will likely lose close to a liter of water.  This means you need to replenish not just the water your body needs daily but an extra liter to replace the one you lost running!

Along with water, your body also requires replenishment of electrolytes and minerals.  Most sports drinks are high in sugars, artificial colors, and chemicals making them a poor option.  Drinking water throughout the day is critical, but it does not replenish the nutrients and electrolytes you have lost.   There is a great solution to your dehydration problem: IV Vitamin therapy!

IV therapy rehydrates and replenishes electrolytes and minerals, and improves recovery before and after an event or activity.  Our Go the Distance IV is designed to maximize your athletic performance with its combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  To help with dehydration after activity our Rehydrate IV is loaded with balancing amino acids in a solution of lactated ringers, which restores lost electrolytes.  Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or recovering from stomach flu these IVs will help keep your body balanced and get you to the finish line feeling like a champion!

Good luck to everyone running the Vancouver Sun Run this weekend!  We are open Saturday 9 – 5 for a pre event IV and Sunday from 11- 4 if you want to come in to rehydrate.  Call to book 604-974-8999 or book online