the IV weight loss challenge – Week 3 #IVjourney

Robin’s #IVJourney Week 3

Ok so last week was tough. Not only did some of my bad habits win the battle I actually gained, then lost, only to gain again. A bit of a roller-coaster really!  Now we aren’t talking large weight gains, actually less than a pound up and down, but no one wants to see the scale go up when you are on a journey such as this one.

BUT when I put my dress pants on this morning I realized that they were not tight anymore; far from it actually.  This makes my #IVjourney worth the up’s and down’s.

My struggle continues to be my urge to eat late at night and that Cadbury Chocolate Bar really does call my name … I swear!

What has changed though, something that I will continue after this challenge is over, is my new found love of color in my fridge.  It’s amazing how much nicer it is to open my fridge and see all the fruits and vegetables and to know that I actually like them (and eat them!).

My cooking still needs a lot of work, but as my twitter posting noted last night I’m actually starting to get the hang of it … well sort of.  I’m not going to win any reality cooking competitions anytime soon but at least I’m cooking and eating instead of takeout and ordering in.

This week marks our last 7 days … I hope to have a winning week, keep positive on the days I struggle and try to add some more exercise into the mix.

Stay tuned!



Richard’s #IVjourney – Week 3

One week left in the low calorie portion of the Rapid Weight Loss program and the weight is dropping at a consistent pace of 1 pound a day except today. Today held steady, so I am going to try an apple day (up to 6 apples all day, nothing else!)  The purpose of this is to kick start the weight loss when one stalls.

Last week went fairly well, I was busy with work, so aside from the occasional tummy grumble, I didn’t have much opportunity to think about food. The biggest challenge for me was ensuring I drank the proper balance of water for the day and at the right times (can’t exactly run to the washroom mid-treatment). What I did find a bit more challenging was going to the movies. I have always equated going to the theater with popcorn and other goodies. So, given what I have learned about my eating habits, I will still have them, but I’ll be ordering smaller sizes.

I am very happy with my progress so far. Even with today’s stall, I am 18.4 pounds lighter, that’s less than 2 pounds away from my goal! Part of my next pay cheque will definitely be going to clothing. Next Wednesday our stabilization phase begins, and real exercise can be added. For the first time in quite awhile, I am eagerly anticipating that. I missed bike to work week, so I have some making up to do.

Stay Tuned!



Amanda’s #IVJourney Week 3

Sooo…it’s been one of those weeks. Apparently week two of the rapid weight loss plan is the hardest. I would agree with that.

I’ll start with the weight loss, because yes, it was a successful week. Another 5.5 pounds puts me at more than 11 pounds lost in two weeks – pretty good, hey?? There are few ways in which I could lose 11 pounds in 14 days, so that’s been amazing and I’m determined to not just maintain this weight loss, but to build on it and move forward to reach my goal weight of “fabulous”.

But it’s been a really strange week. Eating 500 calories a day (and sticking to it for goodness sake!), I wasn’t expecting to PUT ON a pound! But that’s just what happened last week…and then it STAYED ON FOR TWO DAYS.

The culprit – avocado. During a meal of lettuce wraps with turkey, I used probably a quarter of an avocado which I’d made into guacamole with cilantro and lime juice for the kids.  It was heavenly. So creamy, so delicious and apparently SO not worth it! While I included the avocado in my calorie count that day and stayed within my limit, according to Dr. Rootes it was the fat from the avocado that pushed the weight up. Very frustrating, but not the end of the world. Which is another change of mindset for me. In previous diets, when I have a setback and don’t get back on track right away, I might quit. But this time, it’s just not an option. Apart from the fact there are three of us on this journey, I don’t want to let down Dr. Rootes! Guilt and peer pressure are very persuasive things apparently!

Two weeks down – and actually a bit more than one week to go. I finish the plan next weekend…but have another three days of 500 calories after that. It’s ok. It’s not low calorie days that scare me anymore. It’s avocado. Eeeeek!