Stay Fit into Fall

Stay Fit into Fall


The best way to stay healthy is to live in harmony with the season.  Autumn is associated with the element of Metal, which asks us to pay attention to our internal lives, and like metal, can give us a rich sense of self-worth.  It is the perfect time to give yourself some extra attention though self-love. Here are some of the practices that I use to cultivate my health, boost my immunity and elevate my vibration:

A daily practice of yoga and meditation are crucial for creating flexibility, as well as a healthy body and mind.  Kundalini yoga offers a way to elevate ourselves from within and strengthen our vibrational field and immune system.  Kundalini also teaches us to breathe with each movement, which helps to create a balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  When our brains are in a balanced state, it allows us to use both, the analytical and intuitive aspects of our mind.  This is what feeling in the flow is like!

The element of Metal is also associated with the Lungs in Chinese Medicine.  The Lungs carry the theme of “letting go”, which make for the perfect season to clean out your closet!   As the saying goes, “Out with the old, and in with the new”.  This is a definite must do.  It feels so good to clear out what no longer suits you and donate your clothing to a group or person in need. “Letting go” also includes cleaning out your emotional closet.  Pay attention and create awareness of the things that keep coming up and triggering you.  Send yourself some forgiveness, love and gratitude for creating a ‘let go and let live attitude’.

Get outside!  This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beauty and colours of Autumn.  After our smoky summer, it is a welcomed relief to breathe in the clean and cool air.  This is also another opportunity to practice breath work, get grounded in nature and raise our vibration. 

The food we eat.  It may be a good time to cut out or limit sugar (and alcohol) intake in order to avoid internal dampness, a condition that leads to fatigue of both the mind and body. We are so fortunate in Vancouver, not to suffer from the dryness that is typical of the Fall season.  This means we get a little more leeway with the food we eat.  In order to keep our immune system at its peak, it’s time to bust out the crockpot and eat foods that are nourishing, like soups and stews that will support the digestive system.  Add a little vitamin D, and we will be set!

Have a healthy fall!

Sarah McGuire, R.Ac