How to Stay Healthy and Happy this Fall

How to Stay Healthy and Happy this Fall

By Sarah McGuire RAc

Most people agree that we live in an extremely busy, work-obsessed, high-stress society. It is because of this fast-paced lifestyle that we allow ourselves to cut corners, skip the workout, eat Chinese food at midnight…until it becomes a rut.

So here are my 5 tips to get you back on track this fall:

1. Juice your vegetables: This gives you a quick boost of nutrients and enzymes and will give you a kick of energy!

2. Let your body sweat! Go for a steam, sauna or have an Epsom salt bath. Sweating helps to decongest your body and mind. It is especially helpful post workout or treatment.

3. Drink water: it cleanses you of waste and toxins, revitalizes your cells, and clears your skin. A quick calculation of how much water you need each day: your weight/2= number of oz to drink daily

4. Get outside every day….even if its raining. Fresh air and light (even if its not sunlight) will help keep your spirits high and your brain refreshed.

5. Get enough sleep. This is the only time we get to undo all the damage done while we are awake. Aim for 7 – 9 hours a night and you will add years to your life.