Summer Skin Without the Consequences

Summer Skin Without the Consequences

It’s beautiful out and we are all spending more time basking in the sun. Even when we go inside people notice the glow that summer days leave us with.

Summer skin is beautiful. But have you ever considered the consequences of your summer tan?  UV rays cause sun damage and accelerate the rate at which our skin shows signs of aging. UV-A rays penetrate deeply into our skin. They predominantly cause photo aging – wrinkles and fine lines. UV-B rays hit the surface of our skin and cause sunburns and a key cause of skin cancer as well as photo aging.

Do you want to avoid premature aging? Thought so! Keep your summer skin beautiful AND healthy by preventing the damage. The best way to prevent damage is to cover up and limit your time in the sun. But when you just have to get the perfect tan be sure to come in for our Beauty Boost Injection. The key ingredient in this remedy is vitamin A. This essential vitamin is known to decrease signs of aging and photo damage by protecting the skin cells as a potent anti-oxidant.

If you are serious about keeping your summer skin beautiful also ensure that you stay hydrated while playing outside. Better yet, step up your beauty ritual and come in for our rehydrate IV on special this June.

Enjoy your sun kissed summer!