the IV team

IV Team


the IV team

Here at the IV wellness boutique our dedicated team of health care professionals are committed to providing all of our patients with the best possible health care. The IV team is comprised of licensed and regulated health professionals and customer service specialists who together represent over 35 years of education, training and private practice.



Dr. Heidi Rootes, Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Rootes has been practicing naturopathic medicine in Vancouver for ten years. She has created a strong presence within the health care community, earning a reputation as a physician who takes the time to listen to her patients, develop individual treatment plans and achieve excellent health outcomes. Dr. Rootes strongly believes that everyone can and should feel and look fabulous. She has extensive specialized training in treating pain and injury, hormone imbalance, weight loss and fatigue.


I was referred to Dr. Heidi Rootes after battling chronic back pain for over four years. With little hope of getting better I now feel I am on the road to recovery with prolotherapy treatment. I feel so blessed to know such a confident, intelligent woman who empathizes and understands all my needs. Dr. Rootes truly goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are well looked after. I’m so happy I was introduced to her!

—Lauren C - Life Designer, Image Consultant, Makeup Artist, Co-Author, Speaker


Dr. Alaina Overton, Naturopathic Physician/IV Doctor

As a Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Alaina Overton provides medical care with an emphasis on natural healing. Dr. Alaina considers health to be an evolving state of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and is driven by passion to better understand this dynamic. Entrusting an evidence-based approach, and through her knowledge of the body and her philosophy that each person has a unique path to optimal health, Dr. Alaina will help you achieve your health goals. With the cause as her focus, Dr. Alaina’s emphasis in treatment is to alleviate symptoms and help you achieve long-term healing.


Dr Alaina Overton has helped me recover from my brain injury more than any other treatment provider I have seen in a year and a half. She has turned my health and life around. She is amazing and truly a gifted healer.



Dr. Alanna Rinas, Naturopathic Physician/IV Doctor

Naturopathic medicine has had a profound impact on Dr. Rinas’s life and she aims to share the benefits she’s discovered through it with her patients. Understanding that everyone’s attitude towards wellness is unique, she fundamentally strives to work with each individual’s goals. Alanna is a graduate of the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, and a board certified naturopathic doctor with prescriptive authority. Her experience and education have helped her to develop a keen interest in anti-aging, oncology, and IV therapies, which she plans to continue exploring.


Upon meeting Dr. Rinas and implementing the approach she suggested, I was able to greatly improve symptoms which I had been dealing with for years. She was knowledgeable and compassionate in her understanding of what I needed to gain back my health. I would recommend her to anyone who would like to explore new ways to improve their health.




Dr. Julie Cahill, Naturopathic Physician/IV Doctor

Everyone has the potential to feel better and be better now! Dr. Julie’s here to help you get there. Dr. Julie is a Naturopathic Doctor in Vancouver. Utilizing comprehensive health history, clinical presentation and functional lab testing her goal is to determine the root cause of health concerns. Her focus is to provide individualized attainable natural solutions for sustainable vibrant health.


Dr. Julie was excellent. I went to her after too many visits to my regular MD with no results. She is very good at really working towards the root cause of the issue in a thoughtful and caring way. I continue to see her and recommend to my friends.

—Mike S


Dr. Brett Simpson, Naturopathic Physician/IV Doctor

Dr. Brett Simpson appreciates the hard work it takes to afford living in a city like Vancouver, and enjoys supporting her patients in making the most of their busy lifestyles. She works with her patients to establish health goals that will improve energy and optimize adaptation to stress, in order to better take on personal and professional goals. Brett is dedicated to getting to know her patients and understanding their state of health, which enables her to tailor health plans for each individual’s unique lifestyle. She works with her patients to optimize nutrition, balance hormones, improve immune function, and address mental and emotional stress. Dr. Simpson creates treatment plans that are sustainable, and support her patients in achieving their goals, and making the most of their lives in this beautiful city.


Sarah McGuire, Registered Acupuncturist

Sarah McGuire, R.Ac., knows that the free movement of qi (energy) is vital to good health. Her belief is that treating the root cause of pain or illness is the key to better health. With blockages removed and balance restored, one sees renewed possibility, leading us toward our true potential. Sarah’s clients experience a compassionate and effective treatment which utilizes traditional acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, five element acupuncture, acutonics, biopuncture, tuina and cupping.


I’ve recently been visiting Sarah for my shoulder injury that I’ve been living with for a long time. I was in constant pain and had very limited range of motion in my shoulder and neck. Since visiting Sarah, my body has done a complete 180, and I feel incredible. My range of motion has totally improved to a point I never thought possible. I came in that day feeling like death, and left feeling more alive than I’ve ever felt in my life. Best acupuncturist ever – she is a true healer.

—Richelle L.



Tina Taylor, Registered Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Tina Taylor R.Ac., R.TCM.P., views health as a state of harmony or balance existing between the internal environment of our body and the external environment each of us lives in. Our inherent strengths and weaknesses also contribute to our health bearing through the duration of our lives. Tina looks into the person holistically, focusing on the health of the entire body and mind to get to the root cause and develop a personal treatment plan. With the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, she guides patients to proactively achieve their optimal health goals.

There are certain life changing moments when approached with an open mind and suspended judgement that can manifest beautiful moments. Working with Tina’s healing abilities utilizing Traditional Chinese Medicine is certainly one of those moments. The determination and resolve instilled subconsciously through her thoughtful and guided care has simply led to a better feeling self. Invigorated with energy and a zeal for life, her passion for her work and the care she brings to her practice are a life changing moment that I would highly recommend to all. If you want to be treated by a gracious kindred spirit, you have found what you need to enjoy a healthy life again.

—Dave P.


Candace Kakowchyk, Osteopathic Practitioner & Registered Massage Therapist

Candace artfully aligns and rebalances the body by gently working with every system, including bones, soft tissues and ligaments, the nervous system, vascular system, and various organs of the body. She works with everyone from newborns to adults, addressing a variety of health concerns ranging from headaches and low back pain to digestive problems, chronic ear infections, immune system dysfunction, anxiety and depression, and much more.


I came to Candace after healing some broken bones that were a result of a being a pedestrian hit by a car. It wasn’t until six months after that I was diagnosed with a neck fracture in which surgery was not an option and I would suffer from chronic pain as a result. I was receiving a wide spectrum of treatments but wasn’t getting much relief. I knew even though the bones had healed something was still off in my body and that’s when I sought out Osteopathy and met Candace! She utilized her skill set and helped restore function in my body by treating the pain and the imbalance. She provided me the support I needed on my road to recovery and without her I know I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today, both physically and mentally, as a result of receiving treatment from her. She is a beautiful person that radiates healing. I am so grateful she came into my life regardless of the circumstances.

—Alicia G.



Kerry Wong, Registered Nurse

Kerry is a Registered Nurse, with experience specializing in surgical care at Royal Columbian Hospital and private plastic surgical practices. She has received extensive training in medical aesthetics and is a certified Nurse Injector. The combination of her experience with reconstructive surgery and knowledge on medical aesthetics enables her to provide patients with sound advice on achieving realistic outcomes. Her absolute purpose is to work with patients in achieving their individual aesthetic goals through an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

I’m at the age where frown and forehead lines were starting to etch in and I didn’t like the looks of it at all. Kerry was lovely to work with. She answered all my questions and allayed any fears of my looking like one of those “real housewives” whose faces don’t move. I like the fact she started off with a lower amount of Botox and built up gradually to get the effect I desired. I’ll be returning to her when I need more.



Lexi Slade, Certified Eyelash Technician

Lexi Slade is a certified eyelash technician and beauty expert with 15 years in the industry. She takes pride in her artistry, and considers lashing to be a game changer. Lashing is a semi-permanent mascara replacement, saving time and messy irritated eyes. It creates truly natural looking beauty. Lexi is certified by NovaLash, the #1 leading lash company worldwide. She is a graduate of the Skin and Body Therapy Program from Vancouver Community College , and from the Makeup Artistry Program at Blanche MacDonald. She was also a M.A.C makeup expert for 10 years. Lexi is ecstatic to be a part of our team and to bring her beauty background to the IV.

Getting lash extensions has upgraded my beauty routine to a whole new level. I love them, It gives me 24/7 glam without the hassle. I’ve gotten so many of my girl friends hooked on our appointments with Lexi, we don’t know what we did with out her!!! Thank you Lexi, you really are the best!

—Angelina, North Vancouver


Maricar Sarmiento, First Impressions Specialist

With an abundance of experience in the healthcare industry, she has learned that relationships are key. Maintaining a high level of personal attention and genuine concern for patients is her priority. Maricar’s goal is to create a positive experience for all patients who walk into the IV Wellness Boutique.

Since the first time I walked in the door, I felt as if I had an entire team working towards making me feel the most pain free, energetic, and healthiest person I can be.



Nicole Britton, First Impressions Specialist

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Nicole understands the true importance of optimal well being. She enjoys creating a personalized and comfortable environment for all patients throughout their experience at the IV Wellness Boutique. Nicole’s goal is to ensure patients leave the IV feeling well taken care of, mind and body.

Nicole made me feel comfortable at the IV from the moment I walked in the door. She engaged in conversation, while making sure I was satisfied with the services I received, consistently checking in on me and answering any questions I may have had.


Dr. Heidi Rootes, ND

Dr. Rootes is one of the most knowledgeable naturopaths I have had the pleasure of working with. She is very warm and attentive and it is clear that she cares very deeply about the patients under her care. Her expertise in diagnosing the root cause of the problem helped many of our patients achieve optimal health. I strongly recommend Dr. Rootes to anyone seeking high quality, effective health care.

—Dr. Laura C., DC

Heidi’s expertise in shoulder ligament rehabilitation is second to none, and I have sought care at some of the best clinics in Canada. Through prolotherapy and suggested rehabilitative practices, she brought my shoulder with multiple tears from less than 80 percent to 100 percent over a 2 year period. I cannot thank you enough!

—Jude J., Medical Representative at Boehringer Ingelheim

Naturopathic physician Dr. Heidi Rootes has appeared numerous times on Shaw TV as a health expert, addressing popular health topics of the day. She’s wonderful to work with, not just because of her expertise in her field, but because of her warm personality, creativity in delivering relevant information to a TV audience, and boundless energy.

—Lisa M., Producer at Shaw TV & Auto Journalist at Vancouver Sun Newspaper

I would highly recommend Dr. Rootes to any of my friends or family members. She is a real professional who knows how to get to the heart of the matter and also someone you can feel comfortable with right away.

—Michael L., Owner at Graze Restaurant

Heidi is a pleasure to work with. I’m always happy to see Heidi’s bright smile and friendly personality – she lights up a room! She can make any patient comfortable & is always great at providing creative solutions to difficult problems.

—Tamara B.

I worked with Dr. Heidi Rootes for 2 years and always appreciated our ability to work collaboratively when treating patients. Dr. Rootes has a very thorough, holistic approach to patient care, which I know has improved the quality of her patients’ lives!

—Paul F., Doctor of Chiropractic & Co-Owner of Chief Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic Inc.

Dr. Alaina Overton, ND


My skin is the best it has been in years. I have only had two (acne) breakouts in the last month – this is huge for me, considering I used to wake up daily with a breakout! I honestly can not thank Dr. Alaina enough!


Sarah McGuire, R.Ac.

Sarah has been able to intuitively pinpoint where my mind and body have become disconnected which has enabled me to finally put my ideas into action.

—Kasia J.

My acupuncture treatment with Sarah was amazing. Her nurturing energy helped me feel relaxed and at ease. My body felt much better, and after the first treatment I was relaxed, calm and felt awesome after.

—Nicole S.

Tina Taylor, R.Ac., R.TCM.P.


I have never done Acupuncture before and was fairly concerned to have somebody turn me into a pin cushion. When I first met Tina, I felt very comfortable immediately. She has a very calm presence and is very comforting as she talks you throughout the process. I left the appointment feeling very relaxed and keen for my next appointment.

—Morgan N

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