Is it Time to Empty your Bucket?

Is it Time to Empty your Bucket?

For many people, spring and summer do not represent flowers and sunshine but rather a time they dread because of seasonal allergies.

The annoying symptoms of itchy-watery eyes, a nose that won’t stop running and an itchy throat is our body’s way of telling us that things aren’t right and that we need to investigate.

The body is a wonderful system that is able to deal with all the various toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Our liver, kidneys and GI tract are the body’s main detoxification pathways.  Normally we go about our lives without much thought about how our body is functioning.  It is not until we have unwanted symptoms that we stop and pay attention to what is going on.   Unfortunately, the absence of symptoms doesn’t mean we are healthy.   Often, when seasonal allergies occur later in life it is because the body is not detoxifying properly.

Think of a rain barrel.  This rain barrel sits in your front yard and collects water, you don’t think about why it’s there, or give it much thought at all until you forget to empty it, and after one mild spring rain it spills rain all over your beautiful flowerbeds creating a muddy mess.  This is like our body.  If our detoxification pathways are not functioning properly, or if we are constantly putting additional stress on our body, these toxins accumulate in until our “threshold” is met and the entire contents spill over out of our barrel (our body) as symptoms.

Common sources of toxins include excessive alcohol intake, medications, food sensitivities, chemicals in foods and environmental pollution.  When treating seasonal allergies the first place to start is to support our liver and kidneys.

Many patients experience improvements when we identify and remove food sensitivities, others benefit from weekly Vitamin IV’s providing the liver with the proper nutrients to ensure detoxification.

As a Naturopathic physician it is my job to remove any obstacles to health.  There are many treatment options for helping you better manage the spring and summer months and help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

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