Tina Taylor, Acupuncturist Joins the IV

Tina Taylor, Acupuncturist Joins the IV

An adventurous and energetic spirit by nature, I have always had an innate capacity of knowing what living in harmony meant. Knowing that to maintain harmony within myself required listening to my body and practising self discipline. Choosing a lifestyle of regular exercise, healthy eating, and balancing my emotions is something I adapted to at a young age and I knew would be a lifelong practice. I have faced many challenges in my life that altered my course but my tenacious spirit always brought me back to my chosen proactive lifestyle.

The discovery of Chinese Medicine came to me on suggestion from a dear friend because of a health issue that would not abate even with the help of using western medicine. This in itself caused a great deal of frustration and even started to take a toll on my emotional wellbeing. After a few acupuncture sessions and by taking prescribed Chinese herbs together with some dietary changes, I regained my optimal health. I became very fascinated with my new discovery and realized that I wanted to know more!
After attending university studying Psychology, Sciences, and Art, taking a keen interest in eastern philosophy, I moved onto graduating from the 4 year Traditional Chinese Medicine Program in Vancouver and am registered in good standing with CTCMA.

I am an active coastal mountain woman native to Vancouver who is an avid snowboarder, motorcyclist, hiker, scuba diver, art enthusiast, and fire dancer who has travelled extensively around the world. I practise yoga and meditation, which helps balance my busy lifestyle and I thrive on nurturing my loving relationships with my family, friends, furry companions and mother earth. My past experience in supporting people who have suffered from trauma and addiction comes from the heart and met with utmost compassion.

I am looking forward to helping you achieve your optimal health goals by guiding you and empowering you with my knowledge in taking a proactive role in your care.
With loving gratitude
Tina Taylor R.TCM.P