Top 3 Back to School Boosters

Top 3 Back to School Boosters


Dr. Kaylee’s Top 3 Back to School Boosters:

Schedules are filling up, To Do lists are growing, and the Cold and Flu season is just around the corner. It’s easy to let healthy routines slip once we get busy with work or school. Here are my top 3 booster choices that will help keep you happy & healthy this fall.

1. Mood Booster!
Whether you’re sad that summer is over or have a tendency to get SAD with all the rain and fog in Vancouver, this mood-boosting shot with Vitamin D and B12 is a great way to keep the energy up and maintain motivation when the sun disappears. When we don’t get full sun exposure through the fall and winter months it’s important to start supplementing. If your daily routine doesn’t involve supplements or you always seem to forget getting this booster is a fast, convenient and effective way to maintain Vitamin D stores to ensure your mood is on the happy side heading into the cold, wet months to come.

2. Immune Booster!
It’s all in the name. Come in for a booster and elevate your immune system BEFORE you get sick. The best time to get an IV or a booster is at the first signs of an illness. The first week of September has already come and gone and influenza is already in the air. Don’t let it get you run down. This booster is a great way to help prevent getting sick. The B12 in this booster helps your body fight off infection and prevents fatigue when we start to get run down and overwhelmed.

3. Glutathione!
Saving the best for last, this is my favorite booster and add-on to any IV we offer. Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and powerful anti-inflammatory. When I hear the word glutathione I automatically think liver and lungs (and skin and everything else as it’s used by all cells in the body). Glutathione is used in the liver to help the body detoxify ANY and all toxins. The liver is our main organ of detoxification so any toxin that enters the body via oral ingestion, topically or inhaled is processed through the liver. This great antioxidant will help your liver do its job and keep those toxins out. During the fall and winter months our lungs seem to take a hit as well. If you’re prone to chest colds, pneumonia or chronic cough, glutathione can help keep chest inflammation under wraps so you can breathe easy!

Have a healthy, happy fall everyone!

Dr. Kaylee Driedger