Top 5 Nutrients for a Happy, Healthy Winter!

Top 5 Nutrients for a Happy, Healthy Winter!

It’s no secret that nutrients are essential to wellbeing but did you know what nutrients are important to keep your body and mood healthy and happy? Here are my top 6 nutrients that everyone needs to be happy and healthy all winter:

1. Vitamin C: one of the most important antioxidants for fighting infections is Vitamin C. This powerful vitamin directly attacks bacteria and viruses. It is also essential to the maintenance of healthy bones. Vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruit, peppers, berries, dark leafy greens and broccoli

2. Vitamin D: Research has shown that low levels of Vitamin D greatly increase risk of depression and anxiety. Because Vitamin D is important for brain function researchers believe that low levels put people at risk for other mental illnesses as well. Increasing Vitamin D intake when the days get shorter has shown to have beneficial effects on mood and decreasing incidents of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

3. Vitamin B6: This little vitamin doesn’t get as much attention as some of the others but is used by the body every day to maintain a health nervous system, make hemoglobin to carry oxygen in red blood cells, balance blood sugar, provide energy, boost mood and create antibodies that our immune system needs to fight infection. Foods rich in Vitamin B 6 include: turkey, beef, avocado, and sunflower seeds.

4. Zinc: this mineral is an important player in keeping the immune system working properly. Studies have shown that taking zinc to treat a common cold may reduce its duration by 50%! Zinc helps fight infection, heal wounds and help with ulcers, skin infections and acne. Foods rich in zinc include: oysters, lamb, dark chocolate, spinach and pumpkin seeds.

5. Magnesium: With over 400 benefits in the body magnesium is an essential part of staying healthy. A powerful muscle relaxant, magnesium can be used to treat nervousness and anxiety, sleep disturbance, headaches, muscle pain and constipation and high blood pressure. magnesium is also important for balancing hormones, supporting immune function and improving energy levels. Food rich in Magnesium include: dark leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, yogurt and almonds.

Food is a great way to ensure proper nutrient levels, but if you are deficient you might need higher levels to boost your system. IV vitamin therapy can help treat nutrient deficiency by personalized formulations to meet your individual nutrient needs. To book an IV treatment call 604-974-8999 or visit us online at