Top 5 Ways to Support your Immune System

Top 5 Ways to Support your Immune System

Don’t want to get stuck with your co-workers cold this season?  Here are the top 5 things I do to maintain my immunity:

1. Choose your favorite activity and move your body.  With consistent exercise you combat stress and allow your energy to circulate, which renews your immune system.

  • Walking in nature~clean fresh air
  • Yoga & Pranayam (breathing exercises)
  • Swimming
  • Muscle training
  • Dancing

2. Drink filtered water: to cleanse and keep the immune system in tack.  How to tell if you need more water:

  • Your pee is dark yellow or smelly
  • Chronically tight or achy muscles
  • High consumption of animal products

Always thirsty?  Add a pinch of sea salt to your drinking water once a day.  Also, a squeeze of lemon in your water adds vitamin C, alkalizes and boosts your immunity.

3. Get your Greens, (green juice or supplements): since I love to indulge in comfort food or have the occasional glass of wine, juicing has become an essential component of what I consider to be moderation to support my health.

4. Wash your Hands: hand washing is a very appropriate method of maintaining your immune system.  Do it as soon as you get in from outside.

5. Get Acupuncture!!!  Especially when you have high levels of stress, get little sleep or have a poor immune system, acupuncture will work wonders for rebalancing the energetics of your body to make you feel great.

Sarah McGuire
Registered Acupuncturist